Unbaby.me 1.1

Remove your friend's annoying baby pictures from Facebook


  • Replaces your friend's baby pictures with other awesome images
  • Add your own keywords to trigger picture removal


  • Only works on images with captions
  • Can be a bit hit or miss


Unbaby.me is an extension for Google's Chrome browser that lets you replace your friend's baby pictures on Facebook.

If you're not a parent, your friends' copious picture posting sprees of their new bundles of joy will probably drive you next to insane every time you browse your Facebook news feed. Some people might not mind it. Luckily, for the rest of us there's Unbaby.me.

Unbaby.me is an extension for the Chrome browser that essentially replaces pictures of your friend's babies with arguably much cooler stuff. Cats are the default, but you can opt for dogs, artwork, or anything else you're far more into.

Unbaby.me only works on photos that are captioned, and if you have a specific baby's face you want to omit from your feed, you can even add it to an omission list.

It might be a simple extension with limited functionality, but Unbaby.me is a savior when it comes to combating your friend's baby pictures on Facebook.



Unbaby.me 1.1

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